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:: Thoughts ::
I watched Imelda the other night, and while I was in Eastwood, I kept bumping into people. It's funny how I can go to Greenbelt or some other jam-packed place on a Saturday night and not see anybody I know, yet bump into so many friends in a practically deserted place on a Thursdsay night. Did I just make sense? I don't need to... I'm just putting my thoughts down. Screw editing. I just know I have to do something while I'm waiting for dinner.

I'm having pork chops for dinner, but right now, what I really want is pizza. I'm thinking I could have that later when my friends head over later... keeping my fingers crossed. No... that won't work... will cross my fingers later after typing this up. Ang korny ko.

Anyway, yep... friends are coming over tonight. It's gameboard night yet again... this time with... err... I'm not quite so sure who's coming over. Mia described it as "the Cranium group," so I guess it's safe to say that some of my IMC blockmates are coming over. The thing is, I think only half will actually fit that description... but right now, who cares? What matters is that we'll be having fun later.

Speaking of fun, another group of friends was over last night. I don't have a name for this group either, but again, who cares? We watched Clerks and Dogma until 3 in the morning. Several nights ago... several weeks in fact, we watched Chasing Amy at another friend's place. We skipped Mallrats simply because we'd all seen it before. I'm thinking we'll probably have a Jersey Trilogy marathon some time. I hope it comes soon. I'm not too keen about planning it though. Any volunteers?

I should write something on my thoughts on Imelda, but I don't really feel like it at the moment. All I have to say on it now is that I think it's a very honest film. It didn't blow me away, but it definitely got me thinking. Imelda Marcos now fascinates and amazes me. More specifically, Imelda Marcos' mind now intrigues me... how in the world did that mind develop?

I'm glad. I started writing this with the idea that once I type it, I'm not touching it anymore... basically, I'm not editing this entry at all. Of course, I can't help but edit in my head for the fraction of a second before my... argh! I think I'll stop now, before I have any more fragmented thoughts like that last one. An afternoon nap does wonders to one's mind. I can think pretty clearly now... and this is something I probably couldn't have honestly said in the previous weeks.

I've got other stuff going on in my head now... mga pahabol. I don't exactly have the time to put them down here though... dinner beckons.

I'm heading off to eat.

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