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In a recent blog, I mentioned a bunch of movies that I had seen recently. For most of the week, I didn't add to that list... that is, until yesterday.

Yesterday, I saw a bunch of sick & twisted films, or at least portions of them. I saw, in order, Ichi the Killer, Erotic Tales (which includes Music, NR. 23, and The Gallery), Eurotrip, and Jackass the Movie. Some titles, I'm sure, are already familiar. I know that some already have an idea of how much perversion I was exposed to in the past 24 hours. The fact remains, however, that I need to vent out a little. Just telling you the titles of the films isn't enough... I have to tell you just what I saw.

Ichi is about tortured souls, torture, and in some weird, messed up way, growth and maturity. I really don't know what to say about it now except that it is the product of a very sick mind... an amazingly brilliant mind, I have to admit, but still, a sick, sick mind. After all the S&M (which reaches the point of body mutiliation and even downright murder), the gore (ever see a face peeled off somebody's head?), and other eye candy (the really sour candy), I was left pretty much speechless. All I really could do was say that it was a twisted film... and even then, I knew it was an understatement.

The series of Erotic Tales currently showing in CineManila exposed me to less gore and a bit more comedy... but roughly the same amount of... well... let's just say, as the title suggests, it still wasn't very wholesome. I missed most of the first film, Music, but I did catch the other two.

NR. 23 should have been sexy... but for some reason wasn't... at least I didn't think so. I noticed that it combined a number of elements that, in other films, as well as in real life, are pretty sexy. It involved a pottery wheel (Ghost), a sexy older woman(Unfaithful), and Honey (need I mention any movies?), just to name a few. The overall effect, however, was bordering on comical. Now, back to the film itself... NR. 23 is the story of a woman who owns a collection of dildos, most (or all?) of which she made herself. She can't seem to get one of them (no. 23 in her collection) right. She needs a model... and one rainy night, a possible specimen waltzes right up to her door. I think I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

While NR. 23 was bordering on comical, The Gallery was downright funny. I have to admit that it wasn't a laugh-so-much-your-stomach-hurts type film, but I was smiling most of the time... if not because of what I was seeing on screen, because of imagining just what would happen next. Just imagine a middle aged man standing outside a lingerie shop (which is in the middle of a mall) waiting for his wife to finish shopping. He sticks out like a sore thumb, occasionally looks like a pervert, and is very conscious of everybody around him (among them, a surly, chubby bald guy with a dog). One woman (who looks like a much older Claudia Schiffer) strikes his eye, and later on does much more than flash a smile in his direction. This really isn't much of a story... but a funny situation.

Hanging out with some friends kept me from catching most of Eurotrip, but I did see enough to catch scenes involving a brother and sister make-out session, and sex in a confessional. I don't think I need to mention anything about Jackass.

For all the sick movies I saw yesterday, I have to thank one of my favorite girls, Sam. She lent me the copy of Ichi the Killer, dragged me to the movie house, and organized (sort of) the DVD night at Laurie's. If I ever go crazy from watching all of these films, I'll make sure she gets billed for my shrink's fees.

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