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:: I Give Up ::
I created a LiveJournal account recently. You can find it here. I gave up on it.

I got an LJ account because I thought it had better features than Blogger. The moment I started using it though, I started cursing. There are a lot of things I like about LiveJournal... but so far, they're outweighed by one glaring problem - I can't edit my layout.

Yes, I do get a bit of control over how my page looks, but that's exactly my problem... I get a bit, and that's it. I'm a control freak, and I have to be able to play with everything... or at least I have to be able to fiddle with the parts that I know how to fiddle with. Anyway, I'm babbling. My point is, I want more control and I can't get it.

I'm a geek. I don't know how many people can relate with me right now. I should stop this rant.

:: More Changes ::
More changes are coming up. I'm working on them now.

What am I doing?

:: Changes ::

** UPDATE: 27 July 2004 ** The comment feature might not work for everybody... I just realized that - thanks to a friend's e-mail message. Obviously, if you can't leave a comment, you can't tell me whether this thing works or not. So, if you find yourself unable to leave a comment, leave me a message at the following address, spelled out for your (in)convenience: elbercruz at rocketmail dot com

I just realized that my old comment server, haloscan.com, doesn't store all the comments posted on my blog. I'm not sure what their criteria is for deleting comments, but I do know that comments made to my older entries have disappeared. That isn't right... and I have to do something about it.

Well... I have. I've finally edited my template to take advantage of Blogger's built-in commenting service. Because I've played with the look of my blog, using the comment system wasn't as simple as it could have been. I had to fiddle around with HTML code and Blogger tags to get things working. I'm not totally sure things are working though... so indulge me - please leave a comment.

I can't import my old comments... or at least I don't know how to just yet. It frustrates me to no end that all the old comments are now gone. I hate it, but oh well...

It's past my bedtime. I've spent too much time messing with my blog tonight. I need sleep.

:: Thoughts ::
I watched Imelda the other night, and while I was in Eastwood, I kept bumping into people. It's funny how I can go to Greenbelt or some other jam-packed place on a Saturday night and not see anybody I know, yet bump into so many friends in a practically deserted place on a Thursdsay night. Did I just make sense? I don't need to... I'm just putting my thoughts down. Screw editing. I just know I have to do something while I'm waiting for dinner.

I'm having pork chops for dinner, but right now, what I really want is pizza. I'm thinking I could have that later when my friends head over later... keeping my fingers crossed. No... that won't work... will cross my fingers later after typing this up. Ang korny ko.

Anyway, yep... friends are coming over tonight. It's gameboard night yet again... this time with... err... I'm not quite so sure who's coming over. Mia described it as "the Cranium group," so I guess it's safe to say that some of my IMC blockmates are coming over. The thing is, I think only half will actually fit that description... but right now, who cares? What matters is that we'll be having fun later.

Speaking of fun, another group of friends was over last night. I don't have a name for this group either, but again, who cares? We watched Clerks and Dogma until 3 in the morning. Several nights ago... several weeks in fact, we watched Chasing Amy at another friend's place. We skipped Mallrats simply because we'd all seen it before. I'm thinking we'll probably have a Jersey Trilogy marathon some time. I hope it comes soon. I'm not too keen about planning it though. Any volunteers?

I should write something on my thoughts on Imelda, but I don't really feel like it at the moment. All I have to say on it now is that I think it's a very honest film. It didn't blow me away, but it definitely got me thinking. Imelda Marcos now fascinates and amazes me. More specifically, Imelda Marcos' mind now intrigues me... how in the world did that mind develop?

I'm glad. I started writing this with the idea that once I type it, I'm not touching it anymore... basically, I'm not editing this entry at all. Of course, I can't help but edit in my head for the fraction of a second before my... argh! I think I'll stop now, before I have any more fragmented thoughts like that last one. An afternoon nap does wonders to one's mind. I can think pretty clearly now... and this is something I probably couldn't have honestly said in the previous weeks.

I've got other stuff going on in my head now... mga pahabol. I don't exactly have the time to put them down here though... dinner beckons.

I'm heading off to eat.

:: Go Figure ::
I have come to accept the fact that there are certain things in life that I will never understand no matter how hard I try. There are certain things that just are, and always will be, despite having no logical explanation. There are things that simpy are beyond my comprehension. I've listed some of these things below.
I apologize in advance to those I may offend... I mean no harm. I simply want to think out loud, so to speak, as well as entertain (at least some of) the few readers I have. I'm hoping a get more smiles and chuckles than angry comments. If you do not have a sense of humor, stop reading now.

  • I can understand why the males of our species like Britney Spears. I can understand why lesbians would be fans of Britney. I can understand why... nevermind. I think I'll leave this topic alone.
  • Why are girls so conscious of their appearance? Let me be more specific... why is it that girls will always say that they are fat even if they aren't? I've learned to just accept the fact that when a woman complains about being fat, the best thing to do is shut up. Agree and you're screwed... disagree and you're called a liar or a bolero. What am I to do?
  • My mom can make international and domestic calls direct, yet refuses to make calls to cellular phones. I've given up trying to explain that the process is the same, only the numbers change.
  • If (you claim) you're not addicted to smoking, why smoke at all? I can understand chemical addiction, but I don't see any other factors that would make quitting difficult.
  • How did I ever end up in a creative field when both my parents are accountants?
  • Religious fanaticism... but I'm not quite so sure what to say about this right now, so there.
  • Atheism. I can understand Agnosticism, but I doubt I'll ever have the audacity to say that I know for sure that no god, supreme being, or any deity exists.
  • The song Informer by... umm.. err.. I can't remember... oh... Snow. Lyrics, anybody?
  • How did the movie What Time Is It There? win awards? Ok, I could watch it again sometime if I feel the need to understand it. For now, though, I'll just file it under things beyond my comprehension.
  • Why are most of my closest friends from the opposite sex? I'm not complaining, but it does intrigue me.

  • 7.18.2004
    :: Random Questions ::
    Indulge me. I'm obviously bored. Answer any (or all) of the following.
  • Why is that when we taste something terrible, our first instinct is to go to somebody else and tell them to try it too?
  • Isn't it tradition to get drunk, smashed, wasted, and pretty much inebriated on your 21st birthday?
  • WhY 1s iT ThAT SoMe p3oPl3 TyPe iN AlTeRnAtInG CaPiTaLs aNd sMaLl l3tTeRs aNd r3pLaCe c3rTa1n l3tTeRs w1tH NuMb3rS?
  • Who determines what "bad words" are?
  • How does a person with a lisp pronounce the word "lisp?"
  • How small is this world we live in, really?
  • What makes a hero?
  • Who do you consider a hero?
  • Can anybody really have no regrets in life?
  • Can one ever get bored with thinking?
  • What is the worst job you can think of?
  • What is your dream job?
  • What is my dream job?
  • How many kids do you want to have?
  • Are you happy?
  • What irritates you the most?
  • Is there anything you must have with you all the time?
  • How fast can you type?
  • What is your favorite place?
  • How long have you been reading my blog?

  • 7.16.2004
    :: Will You Buy This Dream? ::
    Somebody I know has a crazy idea. More info on this idea can be found here and here, as well as in the following paragraphs. I'm wondering...

    Her idea is basically this: convince a hundred people (or maybe two hundred people) to part with P300 before the 30th of July 2004 to fund her trip to Barcelona for the 3rd World Youth Festival. Of course, since nothing in life is free, the buyers get to name "good deeds" that she has to perform.

    Though I'm not quite convinced enough to part with my cash just yet, I do think this is something worth sharing. I guess this is why I'm typing this right now. Check it out. Click on the the links below.


    :: In My Not-So-Humble Opinion... ::
    For some reason, I feel like I have to put in my 2 cents worth on the pullout of Philippine troops from Iraq. My problem is, I'm not sure where I stand on the issue. The only thing I seem to be sure about is the fact that I'm confused.

    ** note: at first, I didn't know where I stood. After writing the rest of this entry, I figured it out.

    On one hand, I think it's a stupid move. A government spokesperson had this to say on the pullout, "let us give the government enough time and our trust. With your support and unity, we will be able to resolve this problem with dignity as a nation." Dignity? Sure... We're being bullied, and we're backing down... no, we're slinking away and cowering in a corner. I wonder what message that sends to the international community. That's a dignified resolution to the problem? I can see that.

    "The Foreign Affairs Ministry is coordinating the pullout of the humanitarian contingent with the Ministry of National Defense," says our Foreign Affairs Secretary. I'd like to emphasize... humanitarian contingent. I guess I could understand giving in to the demands of kidnappers if our troops were there for some other less phlanthropic reasons. The problem is the fact that we're being threatened because we're trying to help. "There is a proper time for debate," says the government. I wonder when that time is. Since our troops are not involved in fighting, since our forces are a "humanitarian contingent," shouldn't we be able to defend our presence there?

    On the other hand, I think it's a good thing that our government has finally made a decision on an international issue. My next few statement might not be entirely accurate, but anyway... it seems that our government usually adopts U.S. policy as its own. This is probably the first time that MalacaƱang has actually made up its own mind.

    I could comment on the specific issue of dela Cruz (the hostage) and his family, but I'm even more confused about this. Pragmatism, the common good, the greater good... there are so many ideas floating around in my head - most of them familiar to any philosophy student. I'm afraid starting on this topic might be similar to opening up Pandora's Box, so I guess I'll leave this issue alone.

    I'm not sure if what I've put in is worth 2 cents. I do know I've pretty much said my piece. On a final note, I'm no expert on the issue. Like most of you reading this, I just have this strange compulsion to pour out my thoughts onto paper, or in this case, online. I'm just sharing my opinion, which, though not quite so humbly offered now, is still prone to error. What I'm wondering about now is... what do others think? Does anybody care to enlighten me?

    :: Switch Browsers Now ::
    "Because of the many security risks present in Internet Explorer--not the least of them the current attacks using the Browser Helper Object (BHO)--the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team recommends that Windows users move away from Microsoft's Internet browser."

    taken from
    Alternatives to Internet Explorer
    Robert Vamosi (July 6, 2004)
    available online at http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-3513_7-5142616.html


    "Microsoft's Internet Explorer is broken, and criminal hackers (crackers) know it."
    "The crisis with Internet Explorer is so bad that the U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) now recommends that you move away from Microsoft Internet Explorer."

    taken from
    How Internet Explorer could drain your bank account
    Robert Vamosi (July 2, 2004)
    available online at http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-3513_7-5142439-1.html


    I'm such a geek. I tried to stop using Internet Explorer a long time ago, but I've been forced to switch it on every so often. These articles just established why I made a good move. Of course, I don't have as much sensitive information stored on my computer as some other people have, but still... I'm selfish with my stuff. In any case, it's just too easy for somebody to wreak havoc on your computer if you use IE. You can argue that since you don't necessarily have any data on your computer worth hacking for, but the fact is that there are too many crackers out there who just pick random targets.

    Anyway, I don't have time for this now. I'm supposed to be elsewhere. I'm out.

    :: Past Lives of My Car ::
    I haven't gotten a picture of my car in pristine condition, and it looks like I'm going to have to wait a while longer before I can do that. No, my camera is fine... it's my car that isn't.

    After I had all the little dents and dings fixed... after I had the roof and rear window replaced... after I got a brand new paint job... after I had the tint stripped to make way for a new coat... my car is messed up again. I'll post a picture soon, but right now I'm not in the mood.

    I'm glad I haven't paid for a new layer of tint yet. I'm glad I haven't bought new rims and tires. I'm glad I haven't shopped for a new grille, plate glass, and other accessories. I'm glad I wasn't in the car when it hit a tree... but then again, I'm not.

    I should have been driving that car this morning... heck, that car should have been parked in the garage. Unfortunately, 3AM found my car on the road... with somebody else at the wheel, not me. To make matters worse, my car found its way off the road and into the arms of a waiting tree. Don't ask me how it happened. I wasn't there to witness it. I was home.

    It seems my car has a certain affinity to trees. They seem like each other... so much so that they have to get together. Maybe, in some previous incarnation, my car was a chainsaw or an axe. Maybe at some point in time, that heap of metal I call my car caused untold damages to some trees... and now, it's payback time.

    :: Starting Over ::
    I don't know a lot of people who play FreeCell. If you have a Windows based machine, then you know the game I'm talking about. I'm trying to see how many consecutive games I can play without losing. I've gotten pretty far... farther than most people I know. The dreaded day, however, has come. My winning streak is over.

    Now I have start all over.

    ** note to self: ANG DRAMA MO! **