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:: What's Cooking? ::
The last episode of Faking It on Discovery Channel featured a self-proclaimed kitchen rat posing as a chef. Those who know me (and the show too) will understand just why this specific episode is something special. Those who don't, well...

For those not familiar with the show, the title should give you a clue. Faking It is a reality show where somebody pretends to be a chef, a model, an interior designer, a wrestler... you get the picture. For each episode, they take your average joe, train him to be a (fill in the blank) for a month, and pit him against 3 seasoned professionals in some sort of competition. A panel composed of 3 judges then rates them, and when informed that 1 of the 4 is faking it, makes guesses as to who that poser is.

I would love to be part of this show. I consider myself a jack of all trades (but unfortunately a master of none), and when I say all trades, I mean all trades. Some people think I'm a techie; most know I love driving; a few have seen me act; several have seen me play with cameras, both still and video; a few have even tasted my cooking. There are several other things I enjoy doing... and I would like to believe that I'm actually good at some of these things. A show like Faking It would be a pretty good opportunity to prove that. Of course, this is a dream, and it'll probably just stay a dream.

Now, why would this specific episode be special to me? Well, like I said, I'd like to believe I'm good at the things I do... and for the most part (all modesty aside) I know I am. One of the things I'm least confident about, though, is my cooking. Like the guy on the show, I have to confess that I'm a kitchen rat. I love being in the kitchen, and while I won't be totally lost, I'm not totally comfortable preparing a meal alone. I collect recipes from friends and from cookbooks. I'm not usually a liabilty in the kitchen when friends are cooking. I have a few staple recipes that I can whip up in most kitchens. Despite all this, however, I don't trust myself... I don't trust my hands, my knowledge of food, my nose, or my taste buds.

I love cooking, but love doesn't necessarily translate to skill. I guess this episode just gives me a bit of hope. I may never get to go to culinary school, but I just need to spend a bit more time in the kitchen. Hey, if that kitchen rat could pass himself off as a chef, then I can at least learn to cook a decent meal.

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