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:: Fight! ::
I'm watching the Pacquiao - Morales Rematch now and blogging betweeen rounds, so forgive me for not being very articulate. Why am I blogging? Well, I've got nothing to do between rounds, and I'd rather focus my attention on my computer than on the terrible ads they show here. Also, just for the record, I see a Pacquiao win by KO in the 9th. Of course, I'm no expert, so the recap I give might say otherwise. Anyway, here are my (not-so-well-constructed) thoughts.

Round 1
10 - 9 Morales. Nothing really significant, except for a flurry from Morales midway into the round. Pacquiao fought back, but couldn't make up the distance.

Round 2
Undoubtedly the PacMan's round. A nice left hook staggered Morales - almost knocking him down. The only thing that saved him there was his grip on the top rope. I'd give Manny a 10-8 advantage, but there wasn't a real knockdown. I have to say 10-9 Manny.

Round 3
Uneventful. I give the slight edge to Morales 10-9.

Round 4
Likewise uneventful. Manny 10-9.

Round 5
Still uneventful. I don't know anymore. I guess I'm getting bored. Pacquiao 10-9.

Round 6
Manny all the way! He went on the attack early on, putting Morales on his heels. Relaxing a bit in the middle minute of the round, he seemed to have a sense of when the third minute was starting, unleasing another barrage of blows on Morales. Morales seemed pretty confused from that point on - he looked slow and seemed unable to punch back. In the last 5 seconds or so, Manny let out another flurry, almost knocking Morales down again. His last staggered Morales, and if the referee wasn't in the way, Morales would have staggered back a little bit further, if not fallen down right at the bell. 10-9 Manny.

Round 7
Morales started the round as expected, hitting hard and hitting fast. He controlled the first minute of the round. He seemed to lose steam though, and let Pacquiao take over in the second minute. Neither boxer really took control of the round though, with both relaxing a bit in the latter part of the round. I think Morales won the round though - Manny's counter-attack didn't seem as impressive as his opponent's initial strike. Morales 10-9.

Round 8
Pacquiao definitely outpunched Morales this round. Just into the second minute, Manny landed a 1-2-3 combination that set Morales reeling. While Morales fought back and landed his own barrage soon enough, Manny wouldn't let him take over. Pacquiao seemed to be able to connect at will - Morales' defenses just didn't look as sharp as they had in previous rounds. Morales, in fact, was obviously tired. Manny, on the other hand, looked just as fresh as he did in the first round. Could my knockout prediction be true? We'll find out in the next round. For now, it's Manny 10-9.

Round 9
Morales looked slow. He landed a good blow early in the round, but didn't seem too inclined to follow it up with an agressive attack. Morales was also moving back a lot. Nothing really significant this round though. My knockout prediction is now officially out the window. I guess it'll be fairly safe to say Pacquiao will win this fight though. I'd still like to see a knockout, but a decision in Manny's favor seems likely. I'm not sure if Morales has enough steam in him to knock Pacquiao out. In any case, this round goes to Pacquiao 10-9.

Round 10
It's over!!!

Some two minutes into the round, Manny sent Morales down on all fours with a sharp left hook, forcing a count. When fighting resumed, Pacquiao pounced on a defenseless Morales, forcing a stop. TKO - 2:33 in the 10th.

Before Morales went down though, he still looked pretty dangerous. A punch midway into the round sent Manny back, but then this only seemed to make Manny mad. Pacquiao then let loose, and Morales seemed all but defeated. When Pacquiao relaxed al little, Morales fought back, sending a final flurry Pacquiao's way. All he did, however, was spend his last few ounces of energy on some wild blows. This totally opened him up, and let Manny land the killer blow. The blow, honestly, didn't look like much. Of course, this is because I wanted to see a spectacular fall. I'll take this though - a win is a win, and my prediction was only off by a round. b

Rounds 11 & 12
Irrelevant. The fight is over.

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