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driver ng bayan
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:: Q&A ::
I've posted several sets of questions before, but I won't even bother to link to them now. Why? I'm just lazy, I guess. What I will be doing now, however, is answering some questions posed to me. By no means is this a comprehensive list - rather, this is a bunch of questions that I've lifted from recent posts, or from off the top of my head. I invite you to answer them (or some of them) too.

Can you please identify yourself?
I'm known by some as driver ng bayan. I've written most, if not all, of the posts in this blog, plus several comments.

Where can I find Dep Sport Sculpting clay?
I found my last tub in Gateway Mall, in a Watsons' (or similar) store in the 3rd or 4th floor. I'm pretty sure other Watsons' stores stock them. I've run out of it though, and I now use a Watsons' hair product. It seems to work pretty well, and it's a whole lot cheaper than the Dep Sport Sculpting Clay.

What are your favorite colors?
Some will say that black is my favorite color. Others might argue that black isn't a color, but rather, the absence of all color (and all light). Yet others may say gray, but again, the same arguments will ensue. White? Again, the same problem.

Those three options now eliminated, I'd have to say blue. A specific shade, you ask? Fine. I like gun metal blue. I also like midnight blue and other similar dark shades of blue.

How many pairs of shoes /sandals / slippers do you own?
I have:
2 pairs of formal black leather shoes
2 pairs of black leather boots, a pair of which can go with formal business attire
6 pairs of casual sneakers, of which I regularly use only 2 pairs
3 pairs of shoes as athletic equipment: basketball, football, futsal
1 pair of aqua socks
1 pair of Teva sandals
1 pair of leather slippers
1 pair of rubber slippers

That makes 17 pairs all in all.

What is the best birthday gift you've ever received?
It seems mababaw, but what comes to mind is this:
I was bringing a friend home really early in the morning after a long shoot, and as she entered her house, she asked me to wait a while. A couple of minutes later, she came back out with a box of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. I had a really sweet breakfast that day.

What music are you currently listening to?
Right at this moment? Maybe by Kaskade. I'm tuned in to the chill station I've set in Pandora.com, and now I have a whole lot of music (sort of) on my computer - that is, if I'm online.

Why are you asking all these questions? What is the relevance of knowing the answers?
I'm curious about who reads my blog, but I'm not too keen on asking that question directly. I actually did that in my last bunch of questions, but I was hoping the sheer number of questions would somehow hide that fact. In any case, those who answered anonymously obviously found ways to answer my questions without quite answering that question.

Will you have a 3rd batch of questions if you still can't guess who we are? Will you hit more specifics if you have a 3rd batch?
I've already had a 3rd batch. I actually can't remember how many batches of random questions I've asked already.

On specifics, I'm not sure where to go just yet. I'd like to.

Where are your answers to your questions?
Some of the earlier batches of questions have my own answers listed in the comments. The last 3 or so do not. This entry, as stated earlier, has the answers directly in the post.

Can you post your answers too?
I can. I'm a bit too lazy to answer each and every question asked though.

Would you like to ask more questions?
Will I ever find out who posted answers to my previous posts? Will they answer these questions? Will they answer the questions listed as answers to the question "would you like to ask more questions?" Will they ask more questions? Will this barrage of questions ever stop?

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17 pairs... thought guys had less. but then again, not all guys love shoes :)

by Blogger dezphaire @ 09:50  
I guess part of the reason I love shoes is the fact that for the longest time, I couldn't find any that fit me. A couple of years ago, local stores didn't stock shoes in my size - heck, they didn't even stock shoes a full size smaller. This, of course, frustrated me to no end.

Now, I just walk in a store and ask if they stock size 12 shoes. If they do, I ask which styles are available.

The part that's still frustrating - they're still so damn expensive.

by Blogger drivebyshooter @ 21:14