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:: Scene It ::
I saw 37 films last year, and I had hopes of raising that number for 2005. Unfortunately, I topped out at 29.

Contributing to the dismal count is the fact that I missed several must-see films this year - don't ask me why. Also adding to this is the fact that CineManila this year didn't seem as well-organized as in previous years. Adding to the count, but not quite making up for the fact that I missed several good films, I caught a few films that by certain standards, were safe to skip - again, don't ask me why.

In any case, here's my 2005 roster. Like before, I'm only including films I saw for the first time this year.

01. Ocean's Twelve -- Steven Soderbergh
02. Gong Fu (Kung Fu Hustle) -- Stephen Chow
03. Blade Trinity -- David S. Goyer
04. Meet the Fokkers -- Jay Roach
05. Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement) -- Jean-Pierre Jeunet
06. Sideways -- Alexander Payne
07. Garden State -- Zach Braff
08. Closer -- Mike Nichols
09. Daddy Day Care -- Steve Carr
10. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous -- John Pasquin
11. Snow Dogs -- Brian Levant
12. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith -- George Lucas
13. Identity -- James Mangold
14. A Lot Like Love -- Nigel Cole
15. Mr. & Mrs. Smith -- Doug Liman
16. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- Garth Jennings
17. Batman Begins -- Christopher Nolan
18. Fantastic Four -- Tim Story
19. Metropolis -- Fritz Lang (live score by Rubber Inc)
20. Bewitched -- Nora Ephron
21. Manderlay -- Lars Von Trier
22. Brothers Grimm -- Terry Gilliam
23. Transporter 2 -- Louis Leterrier
24. Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside) -- Alejandro Amenábar
25. The Legend of Zorro -- Martin Campbell
26. Four Brothers -- John Singleton
27. My Summer of Love -- Pawel Pawlikowski
28. The Exorcism of Emily Rose -- Scott Derrickson
29. King Kong -- Peter Jackson

:: Weird Science ::
Stephen King has the amazing talent of taking mundane objects and twisting them around into something horrible. The people who invented the items listed below also took ordinary things and made them, well, pretty unique items. Whether they're horrible or adorable, hot or not, that's up to you.

The Needies Need You to Need Them
"Needies want nothing short of your undying love and attention--and they're prepared to fight one another to get it." Imagine three Tickle Elmo dolls gone begging you to pick them up. Now imagine them whining and complaining if you give any one of them more attention than the others. Wouldn't you want to throw them all out the window?

Hanging Alarm Clock
I can't do better than the original text. Here it is:
Hayat Benchenaa hanging alarm clock is a hanging ball suspended over your bed that lights and chimes to wake you up. To hit snooze, you just give it a little smack, causing the alarm to retract on its cord just a little nearer to the ceiling-forcing you to stretch more and more each time until you're eventually swiping at it with a broom, because you have 20-foot loft ceilings.

6-foot Fiber Optic LED & MP3 Artificial Christmas Tree
A Christmas Tree with lights and sounds built in. It has 10 songs in its repertoire, and you can connect it to your computer via USB to add more MP3 tracks.

Upgrade your Throne
Featuring a heated seat and a warm water spray, sitting on your throne is more comfortable than ever. If that still isn't enough, the high-end model of this seat comes with a warm-air dryer and a remote control. Of course, to be able to afford this, you probably have to shit out gold nuggets.

Go Topless
Again, words escape me. Read on:
Topless sandals - also called "down unders" - simulate walking barefoot while protecting your feet. Topless sandals stick to the bottom of your feet, but leave no residue on your feet when you take them off. The "stick" is guaranteed for a year, which is the typical life span of a flip flop. Topless sandals are basically topless flip flops, but so much cooler. You'll be amazed at how many heads you turn while wearing your topless sandals. People will literally think you are barefoot and so will your feet.

:: 12.25.2005 ::
This year's holiday post, unlike those of last year and the year before that, is quite short.

I'm not mentioning names of the people I want to greet anymore - not like I've done in previous years. It's simply too tedious.

I don't want to exclude anybody who may be reading this now - regardless of whether or not I know that person.

This year's greeting goes out to everybody.

Happy Holidays! May this season and the coming year shower you with blessings and bring you joy.

:: I'm Back! ::
After several weeks of not driving, I'm back! I got my license this morning - much earlier and much easier than I expected. The people at the bureau were quite helpful. One man in particular pointed something out that saved me a lot of time, not to mention quite a bit of money. I have this much to say to him:

Keep up the good work - you haven't quite restored my faith in the government, but you've shown that there might be more people actually doing their jobs than I originally thought.

You may have made my day - I started out dreading this day, but it might actually turn out pretty well.

Merry Christmas - you've reminded me that yes, Christmas is just around the corner.

Thank you.

:: Long ::
King Kong
Peter Jackson
Eastwood Cinema 2
2300 - 17 December 2005

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.

It has elements from Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers, The Lion King, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, among other films. It's not surprising it turned out to be so long. Thankfully, it was entertaining throughout - keeping me awake despite the late hour.

I have a prediction for the film: it will be receive the award for the Best Fight Sequence, and a nomination for Best Chase Scene in the MTV Movie Awards.

:: Suicide ::



I hate this feeling.

I can barely move.


That is my punishment.

Sleep is my sanctuary.

If only it would come.

I want to be numb.

A handful of pills should do it.

Damn this muscle pain.

This is what I get for killing myself last Wednesday. I can't run like I used to. My legs aren't used to this kind of abuse anymore - and now they're letting me know it.

I hope I'll be fine by Saturday. Then I can kill myself again - this time playing futsal all day.

:: Low ::
I haven't done my Christmas shopping, nor have I gotten myself any presents, but I'm low on funds already. It doesn't look like I'll be finding my way out of this hole anytime soon either.


Yes, the title applies to my current mood too.

:: Frown ::
I can't deny it, Christmas is just around the corner. I have to admit, however, that it doesn't quite feel so merry. Yes, I still smile every so often. No, I'm usually not faking it when I smile. No, I'm not depressed. Yes, I'm fine - I'm just frustrated.

Yes, I think that's the right word. I'm reminded of why I sometimes call myself a realist, or jokingly, a cynical idealist. I'm reminded of the things I wish I could change, but can't. I'm reminded of how some people, despite (supposedly) being good by nature, do crappy things. I'm reminded of these things - and they frustrate me.

Life isn't bad - but it isn't quite so grand either. In any case, it goes on, and there isn't anything we can do about that - except ending it. With this in mind, the only thing that really makes sense is to follow the cliches - grin and bear it; play the cards you're dealt; put up or shut up; and so on and so forth.

Ang drama ko no?

:: Smile ::
I haven't been smiling much lately, but I've still got a bunch of reasons to do so. Listed below are just a few of them.
  • sifting through your stuff
  • watching futsal players unable to use their feet
  • observing people's reactions to what they're reading
  • finding cool stuff (even if they're not yours) like phones, blenders, and novelty glasses or tumblers
  • having outlets to let off steam
  • making others laugh or smile
  • attending rehearsals
  • reminiscing
  • knowing there are people watching your back
  • seeing good work
  • playing with toys
  • knowing certain people you care about are doing ok
  • seeing old friends again
  • recognizing how lucky you are
  • feeling loved
  • allowing yourself a few moments of sentimentality

  • :: EDC ::

    inside my everyday pack
    Originally uploaded by driver ng bayan.

    For those who aren't familiar with the acronym, EDC means everyday carry - something you take with you everyday, practically everywhere you go. I take this bag with me practically everywhere. This is what's in it. Click on the link "inside my everyday pack" to see a semi-detailed description of what's in the bag.

    For a quick run-down, read on. The basics, of course, include my wallet, keys, PDA, phone, and sunglasses. In a pouch in the main compartment, I have a a small kit of some useful and some not-so-useful items, assorted medicine, a deck of cards, and some other useful items. In and around the bag, I've got a bunch of carabiners to attach stuff to - stuff like keys, tools, a lighter, a USB drive, and others. Also in (or attached to) the bag are a few flashlights.

    You can also check out some of my other junk, see what other people have in their bags, or see more of what other people have in their bags.

    :: Jarred ::
    Motorized scooters are not a safe mode of transport. Black is not very visible at night. If you arrive outside a party but you had a good reason for not going in, did you flake out on the one who invited you? I love my friends. Blinking amber lights are easily seen, right? WHY?!? Helmets protect your head - but what protects the rest of your body? It pays to be prepared. What use is a hospital that doesn't have a decent trauma ward? Is it sensible to keep a first aid kit in the car? I'll say it again - it pays to be prepared. If somebody attempts to steal something but chickens out at the last minute, is that person still a thief? What moods or emotions do you normally associate with rain? What moods, emotions, or messages do you associate with a wink and a crooked smile? Aren't awkward introductions... well... awkward? How fast do you normally drive on the streets? Isn't life grand? Not all cops are crooked. It pays to be polite. Hot heads only manage to make tense situations worse. Friends take care of you when you need them. Take care of your friends. Again, WHY?!? Life is tough. I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't go looking for trouble - trouble comes looking for me. People are inherently good, but there are some who will make you believe otherwise. Sleep is good. I lack sleep.