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:: Crib ::
Finally, I have pics of my room! I'm still not done fixing it up, but this is how it looks now:

from the door:
My bed is off to the right, and so is my La-Z-Boy. Dead ahead are my TV, A/C, shelves, and basically most of my mess. To the left is my closet.

my dressing area:
Yes, I need a mirror in my dressing area. Yes, I need to re-organize my closet. Yes, that is a smiley face tie on my tie rack. Yes, most of my shoes are black. Yes, I need a shoe rack. Yes, I know I'm getting irritating.

my messy shelves:
I have messy shelves... and I haven't even put all of my stuff in. Some of it is still outside, in the desk that I decided I didn't want in my room. Anyway, here are brief descriptions of what's in the pictures above, from left to right:
  • a wide angle view of my shelves
  • a sign saying "master" in Chinese and English, some useless keys and keychains, some IDs (off-frame)
  • some of my books, accessories, a goblet of paper clips, other stuff
  • a box not-so-full of pictures, my MP3 CD player, 2 spindles of CDs, cap, some wood thingamajig, a drum, some Gatorade, some WD40, other stuff
  • a different angle... a pair of jeans and a shirt draped over the chair... yes, I am a slob
  • some of my toys
  • more books, my Pugad Baboy collection, DVDs, an album, my yearbook, blah, blah, blah...
  • my now depleted supply of goodies - I really need to stock up again
  • another view of my toys... a close-up this time

    some furniture:
    More proof that I am a slob can be found on the couch - a heap of fabric also known as a comforter, bags I use often. My other stuff isn't so messy - that's a stuffed dragon, some hankerchiefs, a CD case, a pen, and some other stuff on the table. Of course, my La-Z-Boy stays clean.

    of course... my bed:
    My bed has obviously been used recently. I have 6 pillows, not all of which I use. The small bench that goes with my bed is in the next picture.

    On the table right beside my bed is my laptop, along with the cradle for my PDA and of course, my lamp. On the bench are some essential gadgets - remote controllers for my TV, my DVD player, and my A/C. My PDA and phone usually reside there too.

    Above my bed is a cork board, which, unfortunately, I haven't had time to fill yet. It used to be less bare, but it fell, and I only recently put it back up.

    the view from my bed:
    from left to right:
  • my door
  • my laptop
  • the flashlight in a bowl (plus some wiring) under my laptop
  • my ceiling fan that refuses to work except as a light fixture
  • a flashlight behind the curtains to my right
  • of course, my TV

    Don't wake me, i plan on sleeping in...

  • comments: 6 | add yours
    I am sooo tempted to come visit and help clean your room. Yes I am a neat freak.

    by Blogger Arashi-KIshu @ 10:47  
    P.S. It seems that somebody's afraid of the dark!

    by Blogger Arashi-KIshu @ 10:50  
    I'm in the process of cleaning it. Loosely translated, this means that I've stopped cleaning, and I've all but given up.

    On the dark, I actually love the dark, partly because my room looks a lot better with only my halogen reading lamp on. Then again, most rooms look good in yellow light anyway.

    In any case, the lights in my room stay off most of the time. I'm planning on installing really dark drapes and blinds so I can really get keep my room dark, but that just has to wait.

    On the flashlights, I'm a gadget freak, and flashlights are among my gadgets of choice. Besides, they're useful in case I leave stuff lying around and I'm too lazy to reach for the light switch by the door.

    by Blogger drivebyshooter @ 12:15  
    you couldve at least made your bed.....


    nice bed!

    by Anonymous sham @ 00:15  
    at least you can still see the floor...

    btw. love the laz-y-boy. the ultimate male TV appendage.

    by Blogger dezphaire @ 16:49  
    sham: it's a bit hard to make your bed while you're still on it, right? then again, i wasn't on the bed when i took those pictures. oh well...

    dezphaire: yes, i can see the floor. i'm not that messy. sometimes my couch disappears though.

    on the la-z-boy... it's MINE! it doesn't love you back... only me! =P

    ang babaw ko.

    by Blogger drivebyshooter @ 09:34