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:: LTO ::
My week-long foray into lawlessness is over. Early this afternoon, I got my license back. I can now drive around the city without fear of falling prey to one of the local alligators; without fear of being forced to hand over cash just to keep driving.

My problem now: it cost me a shitload to buy the security that this little piece of plastic gives me. It probably would have cost less to simply slip a little something behind my expired license. Oh well...

How much did I spend, exactly? Let me break it down for you.

P20 - Parking Fee
P250 - Drug Test
P50 - Medical Certificate
P180 - License Fee
P30 - Penalty: Late Renewal
P52.80 - "Comp Fee" (it's on the receipt, but I don't know what it really means)
P582.80 - TOTAL

This amount doesn't include what I spent on food and drinks. They say that crime doesn't pay. Well, staying on the right side of the law doesn't exactly come cheap either.

on a side note...
For the 3rd time, the people at the LTO have failed to update the data on my license. Apparently, they do not read what you write on any of the forms you fill out. Apparently, they do not listen to and/or do not understand what you tell them. Apparently, they do not use their brains while they are in the office.

Officially, I am 168cm tall - just a shade under 5'6" if you're too lazy to convert it yourself. I was 5'6" once - back when I first applied for my student's permit. I've grown considerably since that time, and I've repeatedly asked the people processing my license to take note of this. Those who know me will know how much taller I am now, but the fact remains that this is still what is stated on my license. It just isn't right, and I just want it corrected.

On a lighter note, at least I know that if I'm ever wanted for a crime, the cops won't be looking for somebody my height.

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On a lighter note, at least I know that if I'm ever wanted for a crime, the cops won't be looking for somebody my height.hahahaha.

by Blogger helga @ 14:34  
ryan has the same problem. the first time he got his license, they converted his height into cms wrong so it shows him to be about just as tall as me.. and about as heavy as i am. when he got it renewed, he asked it to be changed pero alas, the same pa din! hay naku. :P

by Blogger kaye @ 17:16  
helga: trying to think of a series of crimes to commit, but i'm stumped. any suggestions?

kaye: wow. ryan is most definitely not your size. he most definitely will not be found... not based on the description on his license. anyway, the woman who took the 2nd picture told me to tell her the next time i had my license renewed. screw all the paperwork... just talk to the person who actually encodes the data on your license right before printing. maybe ryan can do that when he renews.

by Blogger drivebyshooter @ 13:54  
hmmm. preferrably something that doesnt involve seatbelt straps .."hurting" your clavicle? ah, i know! would you be willing to kick down those damn mmda cages across miriam? =p

by Blogger helga @ 18:04