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driver ng bayan
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:: 100 ::
Eleven months and a day from my first post, thirty-five years to the birth of Erika Eleniak, forty-one years after the beginning of Vatican II, and one hundred and nine years from the death of Louis Pasteur, I publish my 100th blog entry.

I have ranted, shared trivia, and posted greetings on this blog. I have brought a bit of knowledge, some laughter, and a lot of nonsense to my (few) readers' lives. I have fed my ego with the knowledge that there are some people crazy enough to believe they are entertained by my writing.

In 18,427 words (in 99 posts), I have indulged my need to exorcise demons, let off some steam, and basically vent. I've also allowed myself to ramble endlessly... as I am doing now.

I will indulge myself some more... but I'll do that in another post.


:: Random Thoughts ::
I miss theater. I guess that's a big part of the reason I actually auditioned for a play again last Friday. I wonder...

Several months ago, I read an article entitled Dumb Stunts, Smart Show. It was about a couple of extremely curious (and very resourceful) geeks who go out and test the veracity of urban legends we're all familiar with. The tile of the show: MythBusters. Well, it's finally coming here! I love Discovery.

On a related note, there's another show on the same network coming soon, also on urban legends. I can't remember the title though.

I want to go to the beach!

I need exercise. I'm beginning to feel really lazy again. Anything will do... climbing, badminton, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, cycling, basketball... anything!

September is a crazy month. I don't need to throw a birthday party anymore - I just have to attend my friends' parties. Our parents obviously had fun during the Christmas season.

Chocolate is evil.

The best things in life are bad for you.

:: LTO ::
My week-long foray into lawlessness is over. Early this afternoon, I got my license back. I can now drive around the city without fear of falling prey to one of the local alligators; without fear of being forced to hand over cash just to keep driving.

My problem now: it cost me a shitload to buy the security that this little piece of plastic gives me. It probably would have cost less to simply slip a little something behind my expired license. Oh well...

How much did I spend, exactly? Let me break it down for you.

P20 - Parking Fee
P250 - Drug Test
P50 - Medical Certificate
P180 - License Fee
P30 - Penalty: Late Renewal
P52.80 - "Comp Fee" (it's on the receipt, but I don't know what it really means)
P582.80 - TOTAL

This amount doesn't include what I spent on food and drinks. They say that crime doesn't pay. Well, staying on the right side of the law doesn't exactly come cheap either.

on a side note...
For the 3rd time, the people at the LTO have failed to update the data on my license. Apparently, they do not read what you write on any of the forms you fill out. Apparently, they do not listen to and/or do not understand what you tell them. Apparently, they do not use their brains while they are in the office.

Officially, I am 168cm tall - just a shade under 5'6" if you're too lazy to convert it yourself. I was 5'6" once - back when I first applied for my student's permit. I've grown considerably since that time, and I've repeatedly asked the people processing my license to take note of this. Those who know me will know how much taller I am now, but the fact remains that this is still what is stated on my license. It just isn't right, and I just want it corrected.

On a lighter note, at least I know that if I'm ever wanted for a crime, the cops won't be looking for somebody my height.

:: Illegal Driver ::
I just found out yesterday that I've been driving with an expired license for about a week now. The driver ng bayan is once again out of commission.

It just isn't right. I think it's fair to assume that on your birthday, the furthest thing from your mind is taking care of paperwork. This being said, I have a question: why in the world does your license expire on your birthday? I know it makes it slightly easier to remember when to renew your license, but it's also pretty inconvenient. Birthdays are supposed to be spent out having fun, not in a government office. It simply isn't right.

Yes, I'm whining again. Yes, I'm making a big fuss about a trivial issue. Yes, I should have renewed my license before my birthday.

Yes, I just recently celebrated my birthday.

That, however, is old news. What I have to worry about now is renewing my license. I'll go and do that... first thing tomorrow morning.

:: TV Junkie ::
When I first caught Wazzup Wazzup on Studio 23 a few months ago, I couldn't stand it. Now, when I see it on, I can't wipe the smile off my face, nor can I keep from laughing.

I usually catch the Wednesday edition of the show, not because of any special segment, but because of the show immediately after. This means that I usually catch only the tail end of the show, but I still catch enough of it to have a few laughs.

Anyway, CSI is now on, meaning an abrupt end to this entry. I admit, this is a rerun, an old episode I've seen before, but it's still worth watching again. CSI episodes are always worth watching again... at least the Las Vegas versions are. If we're talking about CSI: Miami, well... umm...

I'm off to see Vegas. Ciao!

:: Bare Walls ::
The cork board above my bed fell today, or yesterday. It's half past three in the morning now, and I've been out since yesterday afternoon, so I can't be totally sure when this thing happened. The point is, I got home and found pins, pictures, and other items scattered on my bed and on the floor nearby.

I'm glad the board, pins and all, didn't come crashing down on me while I was lying in bed, but I'm still sad. I haven't really put anything up on my walls... and the one thing I put up is now gone. My walls, once again, are unadorned.

I still haven't claimed my room. I've been here a few months already, and I think it's about time I actually make it my room. This is going to be expensive, though. Oh well...

:: 23:59 ::
Tomorrow is just another day, but it will be a good day. This much I am sure of.

Today, I'm not so sure about. I still have reason to smile though.

Life has been pretty kind to me.

:: Wondering While Under the Weather ::
Just wondering...
  • What do baby's diapers smell like?
  • Why does dalandan juice taste so good?
  • Who doesn't enjoy Pugad Baboy?
  • What is the best way to treat a fever?
  • When in the world will CSI NY finally come out?
  • How hard could it be for me to finally learn Flash?
  • What does "Loren Ipsum" really mean?
  • What is the most commonly asked question in a fastfood outlet?
  • Is it obvious I'm bored?

    For those of you actually reading this...
  • How many pillows do you have on your bed?
  • Do you have a personalized phone number?
  • What is the last book you read?
  • How many teeth do you have?
  • What is the fastest you've ever driven?
  • Do you prefer Milo or Ovaltine?
  • Do you like white, milk, or dark chocolate?
  • Who would you want to have beside you at this very moment?
  • On a related note, why?
  • In other words, what exactly are you doing now?
  • In case you have a smart-aleck reply to the previous question, aside from reading my blog and and answering these questions, what exactly are you doing now?
  • What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
  • What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
  • Are you sick of my questions yet?
  • Did you actually count your teeth?
  • Do you have any moles on your face?
  • I might get slapped for this but... do you prefer boxers or briefs?
  • Do you have your own blog?
  • If you do, would you care to share the address?
  • Can you wiggle your ears?
  • What is your favorite brand of cereal?
  • Do you eat isaw?

    I'm tired.

  • 9.14.2004
    :: @$#%*& ::
    My nerves say the room is freezing. My sweat glands say otherwise. My head says I should stay horizontal. My thermometer reads 37.6 degrees celsius.

    I woke up at least 5 times last night. I've had 4 glasses of dalandan juice in the past half hour (though I'm not complaining about this one). I have only 1 more tablet of Biogesic left.

    Why in the world am I still blogging?!?

    :: Indulgence ::
    This weekend has been spent indulging myself. I spent way too much time in bed. I ate too much junk and consumed too much alcohol. I did too little.

    I should feel sluggish from a lack of exercise, but I don't. I should have a headache from staying horizontal too long, but I feel fine.

    I should just be thankful... and I am.

    I feel good.

    All told, this has been a good weekend. I'm looking forward to the next.

    We all need weekends like this every so often.

    :: Scary Story ::
    When I was 3 or 4 years old, my brothers entertained me - and themselves - by throwing me in the air. Apparently, I enjoyed it, so they kept me airborne pretty often.

    One day, one of my brothers decided he'd take things a bit further. He decided he'd throw me as high as he could. He tried. Now... can you see where this is headed? Can you understand why I chose this specific title?

    My brother heaved. I flew. Gravity pulled.

    I flipped over in mid-air and my brother didn't know how he would catch me. My sisters and my other brother, watching the whole time, were frozen in fear. In the meantime, I hurtled to the ground head first.

    I was less than a foot away from the ground and I was still in free-fall. My brother reached forward and tried to stop me.

    He caught me by the ankles. I was 3 or 4 inches from the ground.

    I survived unscathed.

    I don't remember this incident, but my siblings do. They say I've also gone through other traumatic experiences... none of which I remember right now.

    Isn't my family great?

    :: Things That Made Me Laugh Today ::
    chona in the city
    I've been reading this blog for a while, but today was the first time I had the guts to comment.

    a cool flash game
    The brainchild of my friend tarugoman. He has a twisted sense of humor.

    punkrockposerprincess's words
    I got a YM message from her that just got me laughing... and a comment on her blog sent me on another laugh trip. This chick simply cracks me up.

    cajut's words
    Unfortunately, the direct link won't work from here. I've posted a copy of his words here though. His post can be found here.

    in_sneaker's words
    I actually started laughing yesterday when I received an e-mail from her. I'm not posting that here, but I will share that I frequent her blog.