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driver ng bayan
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:: Kidnapper ng Bayan ::
I went on another one of my kidnapping raids last night. With a certain Echo (or John Lloyd, if you prefer) lookalike as my accomplice, last night's victims were my two favorite girls, plus... umm... err... ok, from now on, no more pseudonymns and allusions to other people, damn it! It's just a bit too tiring. Now let's start over.

I went on another one of my kidnapping raids last night. With RJ as my accomplice, last night's victims were my two favorite girls, Laurie & Sam, as well as Ricca. Because my Lancer is still out of commission, the Trooper is poised to become the official kidnap car... that is, until my Lancer gets back from the shop. I'm really, really tempted to have a sunroof installed on it. I've already collected a number of pictures and stories, thanks to the Trooper's sunroof. Oh well... I'll just keep dreaming.

Anyway, last night's kidnapping spree turned into a dessert-fest. Our first stop was Old Swiss Inn for some fondue, then Ice Monster in the Fort. It also turned into a planning session, with plans now on the table for a poolside barbecue at Ricca's, a Christmas trip to Boracay, and a May escape to Bolinao, among others. I only hope at least half of our plans eventually push through.

side note: I say last night was another kidnapping raid because a few weeks ago, Sam and I went out and kidnapped (in this order) Joaq, Reggie, Maita, and Ricca. Afterwards, we were joined by Joey... and we ended up just bumming in his place.

another note: I have an online album up now. One display are my fun pics... none of my trying-to-be-artistic shots. I'm saving those for another album. Anyway, to get there, just click on the link above, or follow this link:

:: Way Past My Bedtime ::
I miss my bed. With the exception of a 2-hour nap I had Thursday morning, I haven't slept in my bed for almost 90 hours. In that span of time, I've had less than 5 hours of sleep.

Why in the world am I staying awake? Why am I sitting in front of my computer instead of lying in bed?

I don't know.

:: News Updates ::
Last week, I posted a bunch of different stories for April Fool's Day. By now, a number of people know which story is true... but anyway, here are some pictures. To see a larger version of it, just click on the thumbnail.

How did it happen? Don't ask.
How will I get this fixed? I'm still working on the details

All I know is right now, I'm on vacation from being driver ng bayan.

:: News from Yesterday ::
Yesterday, I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in years. It turns out he just resigned from this company that I'm applying for, and I just might be getting his job... if I'm accepted. Small world, isn't it?

Yesterday, I lost my money clip... yes, that magnet thing. Aside from that, I lost all the cash on the clip... I think I lost just under four grand. Bummer.

Yesterday, a tree fell on my car, causing extensive damage to the roof and smashing through the rear window. I'm thinking... should I have a sunroof installed when I have my roof fixed?

Yesterday, I found a thousand peso bill lying on the ground. I guess I'm getting a new pair of pants... or maybe a couple of shirts.

Yesterday, a cat found its way into my room. The cats that my niece adopted now think the whole house is theirs... I swear I will shoot if they get in my room again. First things first though, I've got to get my gun fixed.

Yesterday, my dad gave me my graduation gift... the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828. Was I just raving about my old digicam? What digicam?

Yesterday, a good friend of mine told me she was pregnant. I wish I could do something to help her out... but now I'm simply at a loss. I wish I knew how to deal with this.

Today is April Fools' Day. I am kidding... but I'm also telling the truth. One of these things really did happen yesterday. Can you figure out which one it is?

Life sure is funny, isn't it?