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:: Miracles Do Happen ::
My Ixus is alive!

Sometime last December, I said goodbye to my Canon Digital Ixus v digicam. I accidentally dropped it, and it simply refused to work after that. Since then, I have kept saying that I would bring it to the shop to have it repaired. Since then, I have not done anything to get it working again.

Tonight, for some unknown reason, my camera is working again. I took it out of its bag to torture myself some more and see if I could switch it on. I expected to see the error message that I had gotten used to seeing... but got something else instead. For the first time in months, my camera powered up. I don't know how... I don't know why... I don't care. All I know is now I can start shooting away again!

I'm crazy, aren't I? I've gotten all worked up about some gadget... some electronic toy. I've gone and written a whole blog entry about a camera. Oh well...

:: Looking Forward ::
I don't really know why, but I'm feeling down now. I'm cranky and I'm irritable. It's strange... after getting a lot of exercise, I'm normally hyper and happy. For some reason, something is off. I'm a bit hungry, but I don't think it's just a matter of not having enough sugar in my blood. Well, I'll just chalk this one up to... I really don't know. All I know is, despite my current mood, things are looking up, and I should be feeling better soon.

:: Pictures & Memories ::
Just click on a picture to see a larger version of it.

From left to right, these pictures are:
- a picture taken just a few hours ago with my vanishing friend's phone. This was a few minutes before we went off to listen to Tito Al playing the sax.
- yet another picture of my nephew, Anton.
- a snapshot of a Saturday night spent in 7-Eleven.
- a shot of the men in the Cruz family. This was taken on my brother's wedding day. That's me on the left; Peter, the one who got married; my dad in the barong; the youngest, Milo; and my eldest brother, Ogs.
- a pic of me enjoying some ice cream with one of my favorite girls.
- a product of having way too much fun with a camera at the beach.
- my first (supposedly) artistic shot.
- a pic of me with my mom... the oldest picture I have saved on my computer.

:: I'm Back! ::
For a number of reasons, I haven't written anything in almost a month... and for some strange reason, I'm back here. I feel good though, and I guess that's a good reason to be writing again. I'm just not quite too sure why, but I'm not complaining. Today feels like a good day, and I will enjoy it.

The fact remains, however, that I haven't been updating this blog. A number of things have happened since my last entry... and I know I can't remember everything, but here are some highlights.

After having spent several weeks away from the court, I finally played ball again this morning. I opted to stay in last night because I knew I'd sleep through this morning if I did otherwise... and I feel good. I was running and jumping on both ends of the court. I wasn't shooting very well, but I think I more than made up for that by crashing the boards and getting more than my usual share of swats.

The past week
This week was spent doing stuff I used to do... sort of. I spent the earlier part of this week working on some AVPs for what may be described as a beauty product. I'm not quite so sure, but I think I will get director credit for these reels. I'm not quite so sure though, simply because almost all of the footage was borrowed from TVCs, AVPs, and some stock footage. I do know, however, that I enjoyed ordering another editor around. Though I did a bit of editing for this project just to speed things up, I absolutely loved being a back-seat driver, so to speak. I decided on the look, the sound, and basically the feel of the AVPs, but I did not have to do the editing myself. I have to say that I had a lot of fun.

Friday lived up to its name... fry day. I spent the morning doing some product shots that would be used for some trade show. Since my subjects were pretty large, and our lighting equipment minimal, we had to do some of the shoots outside. I spent a considerable amount of time standing on top of a truck, taking photos with a borrowed digicam, and getting roasted under the sun.

That evening, I got my turn as editor. This time, I had to take orders from some friends who needed a number of short reels edited. The final products were well received when they were presented, but it took us all night and some of the morning to get them there. The day literally did not end... at least not until I fell asleep late Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon was spent in class as usual, but the highlights came after. After a couple of hours of simply hanging around campus with several friends, I found myself in the parking lot with 3 other people. I don't really know how much time we spent there, but I do know we spent most of it talking about the most mundane things while picking fruit from the aratiles trees scattered around the lot. It must have been a strange sight - 3 students and a faculty member walking around the lot picking on the branches of the trees. I wonder what the guards were thinking.

The rest of the month
My memories of most of the month are now a bit hazy, but of course, some still do stand out.

I screwed up. I miss a friend of mine... she just left for the US last month... much earlier than I expected. As far as I know, she's not coming back... not for several years. Now I regret assuming that she wouldn't be leaving until March. All I really remember is calling her up, finding out she'd be leaving in 5 days, and wondering why the hell I didn't make an effort to see her sooner. I had known for quite a while that she'd be leaving, but I assumed we'd still have time to go out tomorrow... or next week... or... shit!

I mentioned in an earlier post that my nephew, Anton, was born. I hadn't seen him in person yet when I wrote that. Well, I've seen him already, I've carried him, and I've been able to make him smile.

I found out that seeing a psychologist can be expensive, especially if you factor in dinner and dessert. I do remember, however, having some really good food that I normally wouldn't order, and spending a whole lot of time laughing.

I whined, complained, and I bitched a lot about it, but I did enjoy producing TVCs for a copywriting class I'm in. I'm particularly happy about the fact that some of the ads I worked on got praises for good art direction.

In one night, I had dessert in Gourdo's in the Fort, and then again in Häagen Dazs... this after having dinner twice - once at home and again at a friend's place. Talk about pigging out.

I spent a Saturday night in 7-Eleven with friends.

I went onstage again, this time with green hair and a wooden dagger. The most challenging part: staying still for several minutes, pretending to be dead.

I also participated in another play, but stayed offstage this time. I helped by doing some sound engineering, and doing some other stuff to help the tech crew. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

I bought a kid's meal (think of a McDonald's Happy Meal) so somebody could put an Odie (from Garfield comics) stuffed toy in her car. Of course, I also ordered some other stuff, so I was happy too.