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:: I Need a Breather ::
Today is Friday, and it has been a long, long day. It's now late afternoon... or early evening. I'm off to Tagaytay tonight for my brother's wedding. Tomorrow afternoon, I will be in Caleruega. Tomorrow night, I'll be heading back home. I expect to be home early Sunday morning. Early Sunday afternoon, I'm flying to Iloilo again. As was the case with my previous trip, I'll be there for a week. I'm excited, but just thinking about it is exhausting.

:: I Love PAL ::
FLIGHT: PR143 - Manila to Iloilo - 11 Jan 2004 (Sun) 1555h (3:55 PM)
Scheduled Boarding Time: 3:25 PM
Actual Boarding Time: 3:54 PM

FLIGHT: PR144 - Iloilo to Manila - 17 Jan 2004 (Sat) 1700h (5:00 PM)
** DELAYED - New ETD: 17 Jan 2004 (Sat) 2045h (8:45 PM) **
Scheduled Boarding Time: 8:20 PM
Actual Boarding Time: 8:50 PM

I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore that PAL flights are always late, but I'm still irritated. The flight to Iloilo was ok... I didn't have anything planned anyway. On the other hand, I wanted to be back in Manila for dinner last night... maybe a night out. Instead, I had dinner at McDonald's in SM City Iloilo. After that, I spent over an hour in the airport because the flight, which was already delayed by over 3 hours, was delayed even further. Oh well...

:: Flying Away ::
In less than 8 hours, I will be flying south for a week.
I have not packed.
I need to go... but instead I am blogging.
Smart, aren't I?
You know who you people are... I'll miss you!

:: News Bits ::
In the tradition of writing blog entries that reveal nothing about me (except my unusual interest in weird news stories and useless information), here are more links I found on a friend's website. Enjoy!

Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. Mr. Bean, rumored to play Voldemort (a.k.a. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named) in next installment of Harry Potter.

Lake Superior State University Word Banishment selection committee includes metrosexual in its annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness.

The middle finger and chocolate among hottest topics on top 10 Ask Yahoo! questions of 2003.

Official: Girls love porn.

Woman is sent to prison for copulating without protection... she was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1999; she had unprotected sex with at least 200 men since; she didn't inform them.

Russians develop flying saucer.

:: Slowing Down ::
The week before Christmas was a blast. I think I mentioned that a few days ago. The week after Christmas was also pretty good, albeit a bit hard on my body, not to mention my wallet. I still need time to recover...

Wednesday: Christmas
The most fun item (cash aside) in my bag of loot... a brand new car! I got a black 2-door convertible with a 6-speed manual transmission and 2.0 liter engine that delivers over 240 horses. I got a Honda S2000! The problem is, it's only a pull-back model that's 4 or 5 inches long. Oh well, at least it'll add a touch of class to my shelf, where a taxi from a certain eye model resides.

Friday: Chilling with a favorite girl
Friday found my climbing partner from a few weeks back all dressed up with no place to go. While we had agreed to meet up for coffee somewhere in Makati, her cousins flaked on her, and I ended up taking her out instead. We met up with some of my friends in Max Brenner's in Greenbelt, where we found out how small our world really is. From there, we just spent the rest of the night chilling and exploring the rest of the area.

Saturday: Drinking with a favorite girl
Saturday was spent with a familiar face, in a familiar place. Yes, I was in Greenbelt again, with the same girl I was with the previous night. This time, we met up with her cousins and ended up hopping around the area. Our first 2 stops were Absinth and Ice Vodka Bar. Later on, we met up with more friends in Temple, where the drinks, and the cameras, just kept going.

Monday: Hanging out with my 2 favorite girls
I spent late Monday afternoon in Greenhills with my other favorite girl looking around, but not really buying anything. Later on, we headed over to visit my other fave girl, a.k.a. dork. Her cousin, who was visiting from San Francisico, is a photographer, and Greenbelt 3 was just begging to be photographed. We went over, and while he got right to work, the 3 of us just stood around bugging each other. Later on, we went over to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for (what else?) coffee, tea, and some dessert. From there, we headed back to Pasig, back to dork's place, where we just talked, bummed, watched tv, surfed, and pretty much lazed around until the wee hours of the morning.

Tuesday: Seeing old friends
Tuesday night was spent with friends I rarely see, in a place I had seen way too often. While most of it was spent in Segafredo, I ended up jumping between Temple where my friends decided to head off to, and Magnum, where I found more friends I had sorely missed. Strangely enough the night ended in Italianni's, where I would normally start a night with dinner.

Wednesday: New Year's Eve
I ushered in the new year by posting on my blog, heading out for a few minutes to watch my family contribute to the pollution, dowsing the flames caused by some rogue fireworks, talking on the phone and making Globe richer, stuffing myself, and falling asleep. Also got a picture of my 2nd nephew. He's not due until late January or early February, so the picture isn't too clear. Other than that, I stayed home... needed the rest.

Friday: Dinner at Prince of Jaipur
For my parents' 39th wedding anniversary, we decided to have some Indian food at the Fort. I had some methi paneer, a variety of naans, kebabs galore, tandoori, and then some. I stuffed myself silly, but I still had room for some ice cream in Pancake House. Afterwards, I found time to hang out with some friends in Eastwood... and I was not the driver. Oh, and to top all this off, I didn't spend a thing.

Sunday: Playing ball this morning
I played in 3 games this morning, 2 of which we won. The last game was a loss, but a close one. I didn't get as many rebounds as I would've wanted, but I got 5 blocks and 4 steals, including a very nice swat on a fastbreak attempt. Not bad considering I haven't played in weeks.