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driver ng bayan
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:: Self-Indulgence ::
The last time I slept: 2 nights ago
The last time I used my laptop (current session excluded): 2, maybe 3 days ago
The last time I blogged (again, current session excluded): 5 days ago
The last time my camera went out of town: last week
The last time I went out of town: a month ago
The last time I really felt good: eons ago

I need to get out of this rut I'm in. I'm exhausted, stressed, broke, miserable, bored, bitter... I think the idea is clear. I need to do something with my life.

I am overworked and underpaid. I am stressed out. I am (strangely enough) bored. I need to do something else. I'm not learning anything new... not growing. I am stagnant.

I have used the word "I" to start every sentence in the last 2 paragraphs, plus this sentence. Obviously, I'm in a self-indulgent mood right now. It might not be such a good idea to post this... but fuck it. I will write something more... umm...

I'll get out of this funk. I have to.

:: Bit Roles ::
I noticed recently that I have a number of friends who are part-models. Note, not part-time models, part-models.

You may be thinking, what the bloody hell is a part-model?!?

Let me explain. I have a friend who is an eye model. I will post pictures as soon as I get them, but if any of you have seen a poster or teaser for the movie Crying Ladies with just a blue tinted picture of an eye, then you've seen her... or at least her eye. Another friend has been in two ads for Citibank. Of course, being merely a part-model, only her hands were featured in the ads. Yet another friend has had her hands featured, not only in a print ad, but a TVC. If I'm not mistaken, the ads were for a brand of lotion or moisturizer.

I'm wondering who I'll see next...

:: Inspired Writing ::
It's funny... I remember that one of my friends wrote about forgetting her blog because of friendster. Well, in my case, I've forgotten friendster because of this blog. Like my demented friend, however, I can't wait for enemyster to finally be up and running. It really seems like a lot of fun.

Oh, on a topic another friend wrote about, my vanity shows its (very well cared for) face again. As a late birthday gift (a day short of 2 months), an eye model treated me to a haircut. According to her, I needed to cut my hair, and needed at least a trim. So, off we went to Bench Fix, and I got a trim. I'm happy, but my (now poor) benefactor is not. My hair still looks pretty much the same... not what she had envisioned. Oh well... she should have been the one to talk with the stylist, then.

On yet another topic (that this time I can't link directly to), I miss buying shoes. My shoe count has now held steady for just about a year. I have 4 pairs of leathers, all black. Of these, 2 pairs are formal, or at least dressy - not shoes I'd wear with jeans. The other 2 pairs are boots, but I can use a pair of these with a suits. I also have 6 pairs of sneakers, 3 of which are used regularly. My SuperStar's and my AfterParty's (yes, I know their models or styles) are my everyday sneaks. I use my Glove's for playing ball. On a side note, I actually have a pair of blue suede (actually, nubuck) shoes. They're actually blue sneakers fro K-Swiss, so I don't think these blue suede shoes would ever pass as formal wear. I think they're ready for retirement, though. The other 2 pairs are pretty funky, not to mention chunky. Both Acupuncture's, they are a bit flashier than the shoes I normally wear now.

My writing is so obviously inspired... serendipity, however, has nothing to do with it. I guess it's obvious I have nothing to write about. I'm amazed, though, and I hope you are too, at how many words it takes to write about nothing. Well, before I find something to write about, I think I'd better end this, lest I run out of words.

:: Interesting news articles ::
Kylie Minogue's derriere scientifically proven to be perfect
Don't these researchers have anything better to do? I think they should spend their time doing other stuff... so I can go and do their jobs... hehehehe

McJob now word in dictionary. McDonald's not happy.
'nuff said.

Hong Kong police allowed to receive services before arresting prostitutes
Chief claims "It is not enjoyable" for police... sure...

Cop faces 2 year sentence
In Singapore, prostitution is legal, but oral sex is not. Go figure.

For more articles like these, check out Object 404.

:: GOOGLE! ::
  • Go to google.com.
  • Do a search for these words: search for the following words: driver, ng, bayan, or the phrase "driver ng bayan. Better yet, click on the button "I'm feeling lucky" Another option is to click here.
  • Et voila... my blog is on. Just wanted to share.

  • :: Sunday Morning ::
    I am home.

    Some time last night, I was having a conversation (sort of) with a friend about sleeping after sunrise. Now, almost 10 hours later, I am literally living out that thought. I got home around 10 minutes ago, at exactly 6:37 if I'm not mistaken. The sun, obviously, is up already. I have not slept... I don't know if I want to.

    Let me recap the previous night's events. At roughly half past seven last night, I left the house. At roughly half past six this morning, I got home. In between... well... I drove to a friend's house; drove to the Podium; ate at Burgoo; bummed in Starbucks; drove to another friend's place; watched Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt, wondered what the point of it was; watched Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, drove my friend back home; drove home.

    Okay, I admit that I am not very articulate at the moment. I have, in my defense, however, the fact that I did not get any sleep last night. It is too early on a Sunday morning to be up now, let alone attempt to write well. I think now I do know what I want to do... EAT!

    :: Phone Stuff ::
    If anybody sees me making a call on my cell, please take away my phone, smack me silly, and prevent me from racking up more minutes than I can afford on my phone bill. I've already had two calls that lasted more than half an hour each, and I still have to stretch my plan to the 10th of December. I think I should sell my almost-brand-new-but-definitely-overused headset. Heck, I'm sure I can sell it for more than enough to cover my phone bill.

    I can't help it, though. I just love talking on the phone. I just love talking - period. I just love being so wrapped up in conversation, over the phone, over beer, or over seven hours long. There is something so... just something that feels so good about having somebody else's (almost) undivided attention - something about focusing entirely on another person. I don't know... I just love it.

    This now leads me to text. I get complaints from people about my not replying to texts. I guess I'm really just not fond of it. It is useful, I'll admit to that, but I still don't like it. First of all, it's a whole lot easier to call than to text, albeit more expensive. Secondly (pet peeve: people who say "Second of all"), it's impersonal. It really is there more for convenience. A telegram forced people to be as witty as they could be in as few words as possible. A handwritten note, at least, is something tangible. A phone call lets you hear the other person's voice. I have to admit that I do keep some messages that I've found touching, but for the most part, SMS is really just a fairly cheap form of communication. Now, I don't know if most of this paragraph made sense, but the point is, I don't like SMS. I could do without it.

    :: Blogging Nightmares ::
    Check this out. To quote, "In a turn of events the 30-year-old characterized as 'horrifying,' Kevin Widmar announced Tuesday that his mother Lillian has discovered his weblog." Makes you think twice about writing stuff online now, doesn't it? I'm wondering now who's actually going to read this. Who knows about my blog? Who checks it regularly? Do I want them reading what I post here?

    I haven't really posted anything incriminating, at least I don't think so. I haven't mentioned any names here, save the ones whose blogs I've linked to. I'm still ok... I think. Anyway, on to other stuff...

    :: My Dysfunctional Family ::
    My youngest brother had a party here last night for his birthday. Even before midnight, he ended up passed out on the floor of our front porch. It was not a pretty sight.

    More on this, I lent his friends my camera so they could take pictures. Oh brother... now I know for sure that he will not let me add him to my friendster list.

    My sister and brother-in-law provided the alcohol... a few bottles of Cuervo, some Absolut, some beer of course, and a bottle of Tequila Rose. I wanted to steal the Tequila Rose before the party even started, but apparently, it was requested specifically by my brother. Oh well...

    Before the first guests even arrived, my siblings and I started eating. No, the guests do not get priority at the buffet table... the celebrant's family eats first.

    While the party was going on (i.e. while my brother was getting plastered), my dad, my sister, and I were all in the study playing Tong-its, a card game that I hear is similar to Gin Rummy. I think my dad lost a couple of hundred, I won around twenty bucks, and most of the spoils went to my sister. Gambling with your dad... talk about family values.

    Does this seem like a normal family to you?

    Didn't think so.

    :: I LOVE TAHO! ::
    Yes, the return of the comeback.

    Okay, I guess it's too early in the morning to make corny comments like that. It's half-past-eight on a Sunday morning, and I'm up already. I've actually been up for almost an hour now... what a miracle.

    Anyway, I have just finished a mug of taho... and now my taho vendor owes me nothing. Apparently, he used to owe me more than a hundred bucks... he owed me P145. That all was converted to taho today... 1 big mug of warm taho for me, and 6 glasses for my parents, siblings, niece, & nephew... basically for anybody who wants taho. Aah... yum!

    :: Major Geek ::
    My brother-in-law told me to take this test to find out how much of a geek I was.
    Being the geek I am, I took the test.
    If you want to take the test, click here.
    The results:

    I am a major geek.

    How geeky are you?

    :: Girl Friends ::
    A night out with three single, smart, attractive women, I'm sure, is one the things most guys dream of. Okay, it might not be the stuff of dreams, but it still is a situation that most guys wouldn't mind being in.

    I was in that situation... or something similar. I had dinner, or rather, dessert last night with three friends - all definitely single, very smart, and... umm... attractive. This should be an enjoyable night, except...

    Bubble-breaker # 1: they are all my friends. Yes, you can throw all romantic notions out the window. I just happened to crash a girls-night-out. Oh well... it still is nice to be seen around town with these three. Besides, there are few things better than spending time talking and eating with friends.

    Bubble-breaker # 2: they are all crazy! Let me illustrate...
  • One of them was openly ogling a waiter they found cute. Actually, the others were doing the same, but were a tad more discreet about it. It was funny, but a bit embarrassing.
  • Two of them, for some strange reason, would not stop teasing me... about my hair, about stuff I've written, about how my supposed date and I should get together, about anything that they could think of. Come to think of it, when that waiter came along, the teasing stopped. He obviously could capture their attention.
  • All three of them... okay, all four of us were pigs. We ordered a number of different desserts (none of which we ordered, at least according to my big-eyed ogling friend), and finished only one. Oh, and it was my treat.
    •• on a side note: proof of their insanity can be found in their own blogs, all of which I've linked to... somewhere on this page

    Okay, before I end up making this night sound like a total nightmare...

    These are my friends. I would not be writing this stuff about them if they weren't. I love them all dearly, and I would kill for them. In the words of a friend, I "have a soft spot" for these three ladies. It is true. The night was definitely fun, in a twisted way. Let's do that again soon!

  • 11.06.2003
    :: Driver ng Barkada ::
    I went to watch the third installment in the Matrix series earlier tonight.
    I went to watch it with 7 other friends.
    We met up at a friend's house, and we took his van from there.
    I DROVE!
    To recap: I drove seven of my friends in my friend's van to Greenhills to watch the Matrix: Revolutions.
    Will discuss the movie some other time.
    Right now, this driver has to go to sleep.

    :: Toon Faces ::
    just stuff i worked on recently:
    click on the the thumbnail to see a larger picture.

    :: Endorphin Rush ::
    I just got home from playing badminton... damn it feels so good! This evening's exertions aside, I haven't had any real exercise in months. This Sunday, I missed my weekly basketball game for probably the millionth week in a row. Heck, last week in Tagaytay, I went to the court to catch some morning sun as well as shoot some hoops, but just my luck - the ring was nowhere to be found. Even this thing tonight might not have happened... good thing we actually found an available court. God, I know my legs are going to ache like hell tomorrow, but right now, it's worth it.

    Funny, reading what I just wrote, it seems like I'm some jock who'll die if deprived of exercise. I know for sure I'm not like that, but let's just say that every so often, I need to be able to sweat off all my frustrations. It's funny how totally exhausting myself for a few hours gives me so much more energy for a number of days afterward. It just feels good.

    Weird... I don't really know why I'm writing this. I just got out of the shower (yet another one of life's little pleasures) and I'm waiting for my hair to dry. I do not believe I just said that... but anyway... I don't like sleeping with wet hair, so here I am again, tapping away at the keyboard.

    Anyway, hair is still damp, so... I will stop this and do something a bit more productive. Yes, I will play some games...

    God I'm pathetic.

    :: I WANT MY TAHO! ::
    My taho vendor owes me a hundred bucks... or roughly 4 big mugs of taho. I'm supposed to claim them (one at a time, of course) from him when he passes by, but for some reason, I don't wake up in time to catch him. I could ask the help to stop him and just leave a mug on the table, but I'm not exactly fond of cold taho. This leaves me no choice but to get up earlier.

    Today, I am finally up early enough to catch him. I woke up just before 8, I think. I've been sitting in front of this keyboard for over an hour now, but there's still no sign of him. I guess today is his day off... just my luck. Damn it! I want my taho, I want it warm, and I want it now! I miss taho!